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June 3, 2019 4:22 pm

Worried about ringing in your ears?
Do you hear a ringing, roaring, clicking, or hissing sound in your ears? Do you hear this sound often or all the time? Does the sound bother you a lot? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have tinnitus and you should see a hearing professional.

Tinnitus affects 1 in 10 people in the UK. Tinnitus has many causes and can severely disrupt people’s lives and that’s why it’s important to know what’s causing it and how to manage it. If you are curious, distressed or concerned, we can help so please call to book your FREE session.

What is tinnitus?
Tinnitus is a noise that you can hear in your head that isn’t coming from the environment around you. One in ten people in the UK suffers with some degree of tinnitus.

What causes tinnitus?
Tinnitus is a symptom associated with many forms of hearing problems. (It can also be a symptom of other health problems.) Tinnitus is typically caused by: Blocked ears/ ear infections, Hearing loss, loud noise, illness and more than 200 medicines.
How can we help?

Finding out what exactly is going on will help to allay your fears. The condition is very common, we can diagnose the potential causes and advise on the suitable treatment and management options available. Booking an appointment is your first step towards tinnitus relief. Call today on 02920 250121.

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